About us

HiDef Apparel is quite simply an extension of Hidef Media which has been a leader in the Graphic Design Industry for the past 10+ years in the Houston Area. Hidef Apparel is literally adding our highly creative designs to not only Business Cards to Billboards but now Apparel as well! Dropping hot New Designs on a weekly basis is our Goal. Keeping our customers not only fly but we use the highest quality materials and our process is first rate, state of the art. So our garments are not only beautiful but they last! Which we feel is why you'll love our new products as personal purchases and additions to your personal wardrobe but also as gifts.

*We offer Gift Cards and Frequent Special Offers

*We do not issue refunds/discounts or accept returns

*With dye sublimation orders, there will be some inconsistencies that occur from print to print. For example, white wrinkles can appear where the garment was not laying perfectly flat. These types of issues are most likely going to happen along seams, around collar, or around the arm pit area. Also, “ghosting” can occur where the dye gas settles into surrounding elements within the design and if this occurs it may result in some unintentional color shadowing within the design.


Thank You for your time and support.

CEO/Head Designer

Quincy McClure